Tesla's Gigafactory

Project details

  • Final Budget: $9,500,000
  • Square Feet: 57,000 sq.ft.
  • Contract Type: Construction Management (CM)
  • Owner: Albuquerque Area Hospital
  • Architect: Spencer Matthew Bennington
  • Location: Albuquerque, MI

When the auto manufacturer Tesla motors decided to build a brand new factory in a desert, ground up, we’ve been proud to participate and win in the contest to become the vendors.

Since then, we’re still working on this incredibly intricate and sizable construction site. To give you a glimpse into how ambitious the factory is, we can tell you that more than 1000 construction workers partake in the on-site construction process, daily!

Some of the tasks that we successfully completed during the construction:

  • Successfully bringing lines of communication into a desert area
  • Maintaining a schedule, despite numerous nature inflicted delays and issues